Dear Parents, Guardians and Residents,

I want to welcome you to the new Saco School Department’s website.

My name is Dominic DePatsy. I am serving in my second year as Superintendent of the Saco School Department. It has been three years since the Saco School Department separated from RSU 23 and the Saco Schools have made tremendous strides forward as a newly formed district. We look forward to providing our students with new initiatives as we continue to build on the long-standing traditions that make the Saco Public Schools a source of community pride.

In Saco, parents and the community work collaboratively with the District to support all students. Student achievement is at the heart of our work. The new standards are producing higher quality thinking and communication skills as our students prepare for life in our local and global communities. I want to recognize our outstanding staff for their dedication, talent, energy, and care that they bring to work each day. Together, we are making a visible difference for our students, families, and community. This year we set our sights on developing a new Saco School Department Strategic Plan, Technology Plan, a Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook, student achievement goals, a new calendar that provides a late start for our adolescents, and an abbreviated Wednesday that triples our professional development opportunities for next year.

We continue to focus on building the capacity of our staff. We will expand access to and use of data for student-level, school-level, and district-level decision-making by hiring a Data Manager. To better engage our external stakeholders, we communicate via our new district Facebook page, Twitter account, and we are continuously working to create a more robust web presence. Across the district, we have worked on improving efficiency and reducing costs through the budget process. These accomplishments reflect the dedication, perseverance, and collaboration of staff throughout the district.

 Educating our children for a successful future is important and influential work. I want to recognize our staff contributions in providing the richest experiences possible for our students. Despite the constraints and challenges caused by financial situation at the State and Federal level, we continue to focus on improvement, and we continue to find ways to leverage our resources—people, time, dollars, and relationships—toward boosting success for students and creating a system of strong and excellent schools of which our community is justifiably proud.

I wish our students and families all the best during the upcoming academic year as many new initiatives have been implemented that will enhance the learning program of our students, and will challenge them to reap the benefits that only a quality education can provide.


Dominic A. DePatsy
Superintendent of Schools